Friday, August 3, 2007

Finishing Day 20

Painter Jim Deacon faces the camera. We usually catch him bending over or from behind, hard at work. Here he is working on the basement wall and pauses in a semi-pose for the photo.

Dave Koeberle, our landscaper, has agreed to tackle the job of moving the gravel from the temporary construction driveway before grading and grass replacement takes place. The months of heavy delivery truck traffic have hardened the surface and compressed the material.

Despite the 95-degree weather, nothing makes boys happier than an opportunity to play with their tractors. Dave and Bill are scooping the piles of gravel for removal, and of course, will create bigger piles some where else. Boys will be Boys!

Bill's tractor has a larger bucket, while Dave's machine is more maneuverable. Dave's four-wheel drive tractor actually pushes with more force, and here he dumps his material into the larger container. Isn't it nice that the boys play so well together!

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