Thursday, August 16, 2007


Gardener extraordinaire, Karen Johnson, uses her good eye and long experience to shape the shrubery on our property. She has worked for us in the past and returned this year to visit on a monthly basis to take care of our several acres of gardens. We are impressed by her skills.

Karen brought her brand new friend, Boomer, with her. He is a three-year old chow-rotwieller mix, and she adopted him from an animal rescue center in Waterloo. He has only been with her for a couple of days and is still trying to figure things out. Welcome Boomer!

The hydra-seeding completes the south side reclamation. We have tried to keep the new planting watered, and some green seedlings are starting to appear.

The north side of the new structure has also been reseeded. The construction driveway went through this part of the lawn and extensive renewal was accomplished. It has been so dry that the new grass may require extra seeding in the fall. We'll see.

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