Monday, August 6, 2007

Finishing Day 22

The John Betlem repairman was here today to replace a relay switch in the downstairs air-conditioning unit. The air handler was running long after the compressor was turned off. It works correctly now.

The front lawn is returned to the former profile in preparation for seeding. The screened topsoil was spread by our landscaper, Dave Koeberle, and his tractor.

Another view from the road. We will eventually do some shrub planting and ground cover replacement on this hill close to the new studio. Dave will return tomorrow to work on the south side of the new structure.

The canned beans emerge from the hot water canning bath. There are many enjoyable moments to vegetable gardening, but it is hard to top the satisfaction of the final step in "putting food by"!! Some of our dried flowers in the corner add a nice touch.

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