Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finishing and Gardening

Painter Jim applies the waterproofing coat to the new front porch floor. He has completed the main parts of his work on the new studio and will return for his "punch list" items as various other subcontractors finish their jobs.

In another "as long as you're here jobs", we had the electrician replace the exterior light fixtures on the rest of the house to match those on the new studio. We like the look.

Some harvesting and canning is underway. The beans are canned and will later be added to other ingredients to create Marcia's excellent cold bean salad.

A big job is protecting the sweet corn from racoons. They wait until our unprotected crop is at peak to then descend in numbers, and will decimate a crop in one night. The electric fence seems to stop them. A great deal of work goes into this barrier. Weeding, placing poles, stringing wire, and making appropriate connections to batteries. Transfer boxes and ground wires are covered by the pictured cans to protect from weather. All of this hard labor is rewarded by delicious sweet corn - fresh and frozen for use all year round!
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