Saturday, August 18, 2007

Canning Peaches

Marcia quarters, removes the pit, and fills the canning jars, as the preparation for canning reaches the most important phase. The peaches are of very good quality and are blanched in hot water to loosen the skin before this step.

In a semi-skiled job, Bill pours syrup (sugar water) over the filled jars prior to placing the lid and ring on the top. After 30+ years of experience, he has mostly mastered this job.

After 30 minutes of boiling, the jars are ready for cooling and are lifted with appropriate forceps. We wait until the tops seal before declaring this part of the process completed. Sometimes the tops must be replaced and cooked again.

The contents continue to cool on racks. All the jars in this group sealed and are ready for cleaning the jar's exterior and storing until usage. We will probably can about 35 - 40 of these jars for fall and winter consumption.
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