Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We had a full day of hard labor from K-Way Landscaping. Here Dave and Dave install a screen to shield the air-conditioning units from view. They have already rough-graded the ground in front of the studio in preparation of laying brick and stone.

The west side has been leveled and a layer of mulch added as a finish. We will let the 30-foot high spruce trees fill in here and return the area to a natural state with a bed of pine needles on the surface.

Dave and Dave complete the addition of round #1 stone to fill in the new flagstone pieced entrance. The brick perimeter stones outline our new feature with an elegant look.

The completed project from above. Grass seeding will finish the area along with some stump grinding for the old marine locust remains seen in the area above the plank walkway. We are always pleased with the professional ethic and superior work done by K-Way Landscaping. We highly recommend their service!

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