Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sweet Corn Day

Our sweet corn crop presents a mid-season picking. We grow a super-sweet variety that needs warm soil for germination. This was a good year for the start, but the real drought has hampered development. A few ripe tomatoes add to a nice picture as the shucking process begins.

The corn cools after blanching. We use both sides of the sink with cold water soaks from our 200-foot deep well. The water is real cold and does a good job of getting the corn ready for cutting.

Each individual ear gets stripped with a sharp knife. As this is unskilled labor, Bill has gotten pretty good at it after 30+ years of practice!

The last part of the process is to package the kernels in freezer bags and boxes. Marcia handles this part of the task, and we filled 32 pint boxes with our day's efforts. The horses gratefully take care of the shucks and the stripped corn cobs. The whole process from field to freezer was completed in 4 1/2 hours, and this helps insure excellent taste as the fall and winter progress.

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