Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting the Peaches

Here we are at Morgan Farms, where we stop each year to buy peaches. We used to grow some ourselves, but we are on the fringe of the growing area as we near the outer allowable mileage from Lake Ontario. The requirements of timely spraying and providing adequate moisture also caused us to abandon the effort.

Our bushel and a peck of red haven peaches are ready. We are always pleased with the quality of the produce from Morgan Farms. They are a large grower about 12 miles north of us. We will return for another bushel in the next couple of weeks.

Inspector Suki is checking each peach as they are placed on a table in Marcia's old studio to ripen. She reports satisfaction with our purchase.

In this pose Suki has assumed her role of guard as she prepares to defend our acquisition against all threats. Some place in her outside ventures, she incurred a cut and a bruise which became infected and required another trip to the vet and a course of antibiotics. She is fearless and incorrigible, and as her parents, we must learn to live with her wandering ways. It is not easy!
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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Its nice to see Inspector Suki back and on the mend.