Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spaghetti Sauce - Cooking

The first step in cooking is the creation of enough liquid to safely turn on the heat under the kettle. Here Bill squeezes the first several dozen tomato halves to start the process. As this is unskilled labor and he has 30+ years of experience, he passes muster at this task.

The vegetables are cooked for several hours. As the mixture cooks down, more tomatoes are added so we can fill as many jars as possible.

The cooked material is poured through the strainer, which separates the sauce into another cooking pan and sends the residue (skins, seeds, etc.) into appropriate disposal pans. As this is a messy job, we always move outdoors for the process. It was a beautiful summer day for the job this year!

Inspector Suki appears to check out the contents of the box. She never misses a chance to observe whatever the humans are doing. She reported that there appeared to be no serious problems in this part of the job.

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