Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Water line - part 3

Sometimes trying to figure out answers to problems is very tiring. Here, Matt and Jim watch progress from a ground-level vantage point.

Some more men and equipment arrive from "headquarters." The backhoe was needed to lift one end of the tread into proper position. A pile of stone for drainage around the pasture hydrants is in the mid-ground.

The horses have been moved to the front pasture for the whole day. Although they have water to drink and apple treats, they are not happy. They gently push on the gate as they demonstrate their readiness to return to the barn. Like all of us, they are creatures of habit!!

The big dig reaches one of the goals as the first hydrant is uncovered. This pump was installed recently and will not be replaced. Jim and Matt examine the status of the electric line leading to the barn and ponder the draining needs and condition of the new trench.
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