Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jacket class - day 2

Donna has cut her hand-dyed linen into sections for placement on the parts of her jacket. Some will be on the front, back, and both sleeves. She is beginning to piece strips to complete the sections.

Varda has made real progress on her red jacket. We like the ruffled texture of the center shield on the jacket back. She's gotten some great ideas for this and the other textured fabrics she's making for her jacket from the book, "Manipulating Fabric."

Priscilla and Liz consult on some design possibilities. Priscilla wore a wonderful animal print shirt-jacket today, that we were hoping she'd remove and just happen to forget about and leave it behind --- didn't happen... :-(

Liz continues to add sections to her multi-colored creation. She is doing a wonderful job in balancing off the jacket pieces and blending many different fabrics.

Caris has put together her jacket from her fabulous silk fabrics. It already looks elegant, and she will have to find some fancy places and events to show it off!

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