Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday on the Farm

We begin the process of cleaning up prior to seeding the disturbed portion of the lawn as a result of installing a new water line to the horse barn. Long-time helper, Bill Elmer, instructs his son, Tyler, as we rake stones into piles. Bill looks on as we "break in" another generation to help with chores.

The vegetable crop begins to produce. We have almost no corn, but lots of peppers and beans, and an average crop of onions. The summer squash continues to grow, and the abundant rainfall has raised the yield.

We have sorted our peaches from Morgan Farms (two bushels plus two pecks). They are Red Havens that have pits that easily separate from the fruit and make good canning candidates. As you can see, we like peaches!

We had a visit from our friend, Monica, and her son, Justin. He is off to Clarkson this week as a freshman engineering student. Monica is a former student at the College in one of Marcia's programs and has worked for both of us at different times in her employment career. We consider her a daughter and maintain a loving, long-time friendship. She currently works as a computer resource person at both the Marcus Whitman and Canandaigua school systems. We always enjoy her visits!

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