Thursday, August 14, 2008

Water line - final day

Matt works on a job for the plumber that falls under the "as long as you're here" category. We have several old drains in the bottom level of the house and in the garage that need replacement covers. Matt is learning the trade from his father, who also apprenticed with his dad years ago.

Our mare, Crystal, appreciates the new water line, as she tests out the newly arriving water. She likes to hold her head right under the open faucet and let the water flow over her nose. Despite our asking, she won't tell us why!

The inside new water line has been assembled and is going through a bedroom and closet on the way to the water source. Have you priced copper pipe lately? Ouch!! And we thought fabric was expensive!!

We have insulated the new pipe below the heat run inside the house. We draw this water from a 200-foot well, and it is very cold. Condensation forms when passing through a heated room, and this pipe runs near the hot water heat line. --Hope this serves to protect from the problem. A newly installed and cemented drain cover is also shown. We have a working cistern behind the wall to the left, and the drain is there in case of overflow. We hope never to need it.
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