Monday, August 11, 2008

New water line

We have a 400-foot reach from our house to the horse pasture behind the barn to provide water for the horses. We have experienced several leaks over the past few years and finally decided to "bite the bullet" and put in a completely new water line. Jim Burgio, our long-time plumber and friend, his son Matt, and Bill start the process by guiding the excavator in the first pass near the house.

Son Matt cuts offending roots out of the way, as Jim furnishes directions and guidance. The very large excavator made good progress and cut a six-foot trench with alacrity and dispatch!

Here Bill and Jim supervise as the first curve around the front of the barn takes shape. Son Matt's head appears in the trench as he continues to clean roots.

The new water line is laid as work progresses. When in place, it is covered with a layer of sand to provide protection against stones and movement from vibration. The step ladder provides an entrance and egress to the work place. Our climate suggests at least 48 inches coverage. With the big machine, a couple of extra feet is easily attained!

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