Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday on the Farm

More peaches are ready for storage. The darker-colored jar in the left front row is suspicious. In the 30 minutes in the canning kettle, the lid may not have sealed. We may have to reprocess the offender or eat it right away. If the process was easy and foolproof, everyone would do it!!

Inspector Suki usually leaves this chair for human occupancy and prefers her own pillowed seat under a "tent." Maybe she needed a support for her head as she usurps this perch for her afternoon nap.

Marcia Murphy, our friend from Long Island, is a fabric dyer and surface design artist of considerable skill. This wonderful piece was a present from her, along with some of her other beautiful "scraps." It looks very much like the old-fashioned Kaleidoscope images we played with as kids!!
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