Monday, August 25, 2008

Jacket Class - day 1

Varda models a jacket she made in Priscilla's recent Scrappy Jacket class. She liked it so much, she's back for another three days of jacket making and a new challenge. Many students in Priscilla's classes are "repeats" -- which speaks volumes to her inspiration and skills.

Some of the class members converse as the pieces of the new jackets go up on the design walls. Many years of garment construction are represented here and all are willing to share and advise. This group consultation is an important part of the process.

Jacket Guru Priscilla comments on the blue gingham "muslin pattern" jacket assembled by Caris. The wonderful shibori-dyed silk fabric made by Elin Nobel displayed on the wall will be the focus for Caris's jacket. It is truly exceptional in tone and texture!

Inspector Suki loves the visitors and all the subsequent attention. She doesn't shirk her duties as she checks out the pattern Donna is pinning to her flannel foundation. More of Elin Nobel's shibori fabric is on the right side of Donna's work area, and the silk on the left was hand dyed by Marcia Murphy.
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