Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sewing Days

Pat, Nancy, and Priscilla are hard at work. Some of Nancy's Japanese brush paintings on rice paper are displayed on the back wall. The artists inspire and motivate each other as individual projects evolve. All participants speak to their positive response to the shared studio time.

Pat tries on her new coat she is making from the Turkish Coat pattern. Her fabrics include some wonderful blue indigo fabrics that she has been collecting.

Bev holds up Pat's coat so we can see that Pat has also created a wonderful pieced lining. This photo also features Bev's new gloves which were a Christmas present to herself -- She likes red leather!

Priscilla's wolf quilt is starting to take shape. She has been auditioning several fabrics for filling the areas around the wolf pictures. We look forward to the progress as the final choices are considered.

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