Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Class Pictures

Priscilla offers more information as she consults with Linda and Nancy. Linda takes notes as "pearls of wisdom" flow from the master. In the background you can see why the assembled artists love the lighted design walls in the studio -- they are full of nascent projects!!

Priscilla continues her journey to the "Dark Side" (from wearable clothing artist to quilt artist) as an orange quilt begins to take shape. This will be a "miniature queen-size" production and possible border choices are auditioned at the right side.

Prisiclla's alternative choices are in view as the potential for a quilt using wolf-based fabric is considered. She is known for her fondness of wild creatures, and her fabric stash seems to contain amazing samples of collections accumulated over the years of jacket making. Name an animal, and she probably has it!

This is a close-up of the beautiful back panel of Caren's jacket. She started with a photo that she printed on fabric and then embellished it with thread painting.
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