Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photos at Schweinfurth

The Canandaigua Daily Messenger newspaper asked Marcia to come to Auburn to pose for pictures with her quilts that are hanging at the Schweinfurth Museum. We'll be watching this Sunday's edition to see what's included... !!

Photo Editor/Photographer and RIT graduate, Rikki VanCamp met us there and was the director of the project.

Marcia was placed in various positions near her larger work, Jet Trails #6, which is near the entrance to the main display area.

Rikki captured many photographs of Marcia (including this one from a chair!).

Marcia's other quilt (Jet Trails) is displayed in an adjacent room on the wall to the right of the seated and posed artist. We look forward to seeing the result of Rikki's work, and Marcia is pleased and honored to have been selected by the newspaper for this feature!

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