Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacket Class - Day 2

Marcia works on the back panel of her kimono jacket, stitching a wonderful piece of hand-woven silk that Priscilla brought back from her last trip to Thailand. The material is delicate and precious, and according to world-traveler Priscilla, very scare and hard to find on her recent trips to SouthEast Asia.

Linda has made great strides on her butterfly vest. (She took it home and worked on it last night -- a very good student!) All agreed that her overall choice of fabrics and construction skills are resulting in a superior garment.

Nancy models the front of her Quilter's Vest. The pocket on her left side adds to the elegance of her design features.

The back of the vest draws a lingering look. Clicking on any picture will bring a good close-up into view, and we strongly suggest it here. Isn't the detail wonderful?
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