Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter's Day

One of Inspector Suki's favorite visitors is Priscilla Kibbee, who often comes to the studio to teach classes and/or work on her own projects. Suki tries to open Priscilla's suitcase and knows from past experience that the top lifts up and gives her access to the inside. If the zipper remains closed, she just curls up on the top!

Each year we grow a new crop of flowers and ferns for decorative purposes. We have a five-foot diameter wreath made from our grape vines that hangs in the garage. We try to refurbish it each year for a dash of winter color!

We have the results of the heavy snow of winter on its first full day (how appropriate!). We are close to Lake Ontario and get the benefit of cold winds coming across the still relatively warm waters.
We have a new snow-plowing service this year, and as he lives nearby, gives good and frequent visits. As both of us are usually not required to travel, snowy days don't present much of a problem. Marcia busies herself in the studio and Bill revels in the electronic media that floods the internet. Happy days!

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