Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sewing with Priscilla

Priscilla's latest effort nears completion. We don't think she has enjoyed working with the pattern and expect it won't be used again right away. But the jacket is going to be terrific. As usual, we very much like her design and color choices.

Priscilla showed us a piece she made for a class sample. We think this has possibilities of becoming a part of another wolf quilt.... Her technique includes fussy cutting the individual flowers from various fabrics to which she has added a fusible backing.

This is a "try-out" of what might become the base for a new small "jet trails" piece. It's hand-dyed silk pieces that have been backed with WonderUnder.

This 2nd attempt for a new "jet trails" looks like it has more possibilities. The fabrics are all hand-dyed cottons and have all been backed with WonderUnder.

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