Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jacket Class - Day 3

The final day of the class featured students hurrying along in their projects to get final advice and counsel from master teacher Priscilla Kibbee. Linda models the front of her completed butterfly vest. Priscilla's miniature king-sized quilt is in the background; it's names is "There's a zebra in there somewhere."

The back of Linda's vest is featured, as Priscilla adds a picture of the front of it to her substantial archive of student-generated clothing art. Linda is an accomplished artist and has created a wonderful piece of wearable art.

Priscilla gives instruction to Caren on proper placement and procedures to insert and sew shoulder pads. She also pinned and verbally presented steps to complete the sleeves. Caren took notes (another good student) and will show the final version at an upcoming meeting.

Inspector Suki surveyed the daily activities from a comfortable perch. Today she chose a folded piece of Priscilla's fabric because it was the softest spot she could find!! And it certainly must have been prepared just for her use!!
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