Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Studio day

Our friend and silversmith extraordinaire, Butch Bramhall, is also a construction expert and (as you can see) an exceptional sculptor. He and his wife have built a home in the Adirondacks and designed the grounds with adornments. He regularly creates jewelry for Marcia and sent us photographs of his totem pole. He and his wife, Pat, are accomplished and recognized artists, and we love to visit and marvel at their latest creations. For more info: http://www.stonehousesilversmiths.com/.

Suki likes having visitors at the studio. Nancy Hicks volunteered her coat for a nest, and Barb Seils stops by to pay appropriate attention to the resting cat. Some people even suggest that Suki might be a little spoiled!

Barb is working on a stack and slash creation. She may rearrange the pieces some more before declaring that it's time to stop.

Nancy Hicks showed us an embroidered piece that she got at the Craft Bits & Pieces store. We're wondering if it was done in Central America or SouthEast Asia... Maybe Priscilla will know....

(The answer from Priscilla is that it probably came from Puebla, Mexico.)

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