Monday, September 1, 2008

Working in the garden

The garden shrubs make a great home for spiders. This speciman has created a wonderful web with a white ribbon reinforcement strip in the middle helping to secure its prey. It is a good-sized brown and yellow striped variety.

Marcia works on picking the everbearing red raspberry bushes as they produce their fall crop. Our bountiful harvest is a result of our ample rainful this summer. It doesn't take long to fill a couple of quart boxes!

Landscaper Karen Johnson trims the bushes as we head for Fall. She spent a week with us and will return for a couple more days in early October to put the gardens to bed.

Our friend, Beth Brandkamp, zeroes in for a picture of the spider and its web. She is here for a sewing day in the studio, but is a self-described fanatic when it comes to identifying plants and insects. She'll match her photo with her reference material -- See her blog for more photos and info...

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