Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Early Fall

...A double entrance to the maze garden. One path leads to the center and a restful bench seat in peace and quiet. The other choice sends you wandering around in circles and dumps you on the other side. You choose!!

The perennial grass garden reaches its apex this month. Six-foot high colorful varieties reach the seeding stage and wave gently in the breeze. Japanese blood grass peeks through at the lower right.

We have had wonderful weather this month. Bill mows the front horse pasture one more time before bringing out the horses. The grass has grown steadily since April, and the horses have not started on their hay to get them through the winter.

It is tempting to individualize some of the gourds (ala naming rocks on Mars). Their other-worldly nature calls for such effort as we describe them in terms more familiar to us earthlings! Here the speciman on the left looks like the bubbling pots of hot mud in the artist pots pools in Yellowstone Park, while the one on the right must be the remains of a beautiful green, yellow and white candle!

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