Friday, September 26, 2008

Garden CleanUp

Our formal perennial garden has been cleaned and is ready for the long winter nap. Our beds are mulched, and this helps to keep weeds under control. After a hard freeze, we will cut back a few more plants.

Our wonderful gardener, Karen Johnson, trims the bayberry growth. She sculpts all the foliage manually and has an experienced hand and highly-developed skills. Her faithful companion, Boomer, waits at her feet.

A new young cat wandered onto our property this week -- hungry, scared, and abandoned.
After food and water, he settled down for a nap on the deck. Young and gaunt, he features a long tail and is all legs and big feet. Karen took him home to join another young cat she recently acquired, named him "Sunny", and reported that the two cats are already fast friends. Boomer also likes cats, and the three of them will head to Florida for the winter with their owner!
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