Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grape Harvest

We had a wonderful crop of grapes this year. Growing conditions were perfect, and we got to picking time at the optimal moment. Marcia holds one picked bunch against a clustered background.

A resident snail enjoyed the perfect weather today. He was feasting on the mature grape leaf, and there are many left for him and his friends. The often-seen swirls on the shell is one of nature's favorite patterns and is featured by many forms of life (including humans) for decorative, mystic, and design purposes!

We filled six 5-gallon pails with Niagara and Concord (purple and green) varieties. The four buckets here were soon joined by two more. We'll cook the grapes and strain them to make juice for grape jelly. Marcia shared some of the bounty with friends who are going to try their hands at grape jelly making. ....A very good year.

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