Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More landscaping

Yes, the lawn chair is in the pond on purpose! We have added this as temporary shelter to provide cover for our fish -- i.e., a place to hide from the blue heron when he stops by for lunch. We will try to come up with a more appropriate shelter on our next trip to the fish supply store.

The south side grass begins to fil in. We have made arrangements to grind out the pictured stump. The septic system is nearby so we will only remove a couple of inches below the surface, but must go deep enough to sever the anterior roots heading away from the main center root.

The view from the road on the north side. We mowed the new grass for the first time today, and the germination of the new seed has been successful. In fact, you will notice the old grass on either side of the new patch is badly in need of regeneration.

A closer view of the north side of the new structure and lawn. We have had the driest summer in this area since 1965. (We remember it well.) Fortunately, we have a deep well with a huge supply of free water and were able to keep the new seeding wet with daily watering. Hopefully, the fall will come with a more normal rainfall and rejuvinate all of our greenery.

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