Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Harvesting

We continue to work with our wonderful crop of bell peppers. Here, more blanched halves wait for the filling and then a trip to the freezer. In the garden today we found more peppers on the way!

We both proudly share some Dutch heritage (and are burdened by it also!). Very little goes to waste on our little farm, and here sweet corn stalks are piled in the barn to be eagerly consumed by the horses. They, or course, prefer the greenery that still holds an ear of corn!

Our tomato patch still produces, and we picked a couple of bushels today -- most of which will go into our friend Pat's tomato sauce. We also collected a couple of pecks for ourselves to put away as a canned whole tomato selection.

As in real life, not all of our efforts are rewarded with superior returns. We have two large fully-mature pear trees that usually produce on a "one year on" and "one year off" basis. Our complete harvest of pears is shown here. We hope and trust that this is an "off" year. We'll see.

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