Monday, September 24, 2007

More Dyeing

Another day of pole dyeing is underway, and Beth Brandkamp and Barb Seils are here to play and experiment.

Beth's fabric has been soaked in soda ash, and she is trying some of it squeezed (but not spun in the washer) and some of it dryed on the line.

Barb is working on a piece that is about 1 1/2 yards and should be big enough to make a bog coat from.

Barb's second piece is about 3 1/2 yards -- enough for a jacket from a pattern. She's adding some orange over the blue dyes.

We're using squeeze bottles today -- better than pouring the dyes that we tried before. We also tried squeezing/squirting the dyes down the length of the fabric. We think that pouring all the dyes from the top of the bar may have caused the "faded" colors we got in the middle of our pieces.

We're anxious to see what all the pieces will look like once they've been washed and dried!

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