Friday, September 21, 2007

Dyed and Discharged

This is the 4-yard piece of rayon/linen that has been washed and dryed. It was dyed by dripping the dyes over the fabric while it was hanging from a pole.

Turquoise and Intense Blue were poured first and then followed by Fuschia and Navy.

I expected to see more Navy and am wondering if the fabric was over-saturated with the other dyes before I poured the Navy.

These pieces are from our Discharge Day and were all done using black fabric. I used a 50% solution of bleach on the five pieces across the top and a bleach pen on the two pieces at the bottom.

These fabrics were originally all hand dyed.
The blue fabric on the left discharged to pink and the red fabric on the right discharged to yellow from being sprayed with a 50% solution of bleach.

The two pieces in the middle were wrapped on a pole and dipped in Thiox.

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