Friday, September 14, 2007


Couldn't resist another picture of Priscilla Kibbee talking to Suki during our jacket class.... Suki visited class several times, and decided to keep my cutting mat warm for a while.

The week before our class Priscilla had traveled to Panama and returned with many molas. She found a few in Panama City, but traveled to the San Blas islands and bought many more molas directly from the Kuna Indians. Check her blog for more pictures and information on molas and Panama.


There was a bit of a "feeding frenzie" as we all sorted through the molas we liked the most, and the molas in these pictures are a few of the ones that are joining my stash. The intricate stitching on many of these make each mola a work of art on its own. Some of these will be framed for the wall and some will find their way into clothing

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