Thursday, September 13, 2007

More landscaping and harvesting

We harvested a few grapes. Our vines are 40 years old and still produce a yearly crop (if somewhat diminished in amount). We will cook the grapes and make some jelly after separating the juice from the pulp.

Karen Johnson and Boomer returned for several days of weeding, trimming, and edging. She is working on the perennial garden here -- specifically the "white" section which reflects wonderfully under a full moon.

Our friends Pat and Lloyd Berardi visit to pick some more tomatoes. They plan to make juice and sauce with the bounty. We probably will have more to pick before the killing frost arrives.

As we expected, Inspector Suki has claimed the new studio as an extended part of her turf. Here she catches a nap on Marcia's cutting table supported by a practice piece of quilting from the longarm quilting machine. It must be cool as she has buried her nose for warmth!

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