Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Gardens

Our garden harvest slows down. The long drought continues to limit the late crops. The berries will continue to produce until first frost, while the tomatoes and string beans are about done.

The entrance to the herb and perennial garden has been trimmed. Left to right, the alberta spruce, varigated euonymus, and Korean boxwood are framed by the concrete globe and the sundial. Now if we can only get some rain to save the grass!

The pergola provides a sheltered spot for a rest. The flowering Clematis is the prolific "Sweet Autumn" variety. Not visible, but adding a nice touch, are some dark blue morning glories that adorn the ground and part of the lattice.

The eyonymus has overgrown the fence, but trimmed into cascading heads, the shrub adds texture, dimension, and color as nature works its fall magic!

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