Friday, April 20, 2007

Heat coils and spring time

After the snow last week, one of our early gardens is starting to show some color. Persephone is here again!

Our large fish pond shows movement also. We put six goldfish in the pond several years ago, and now there are hundreds!

An expanded picture of the fish pond. It is large (250' x 150') and is full of fish, frogs, crayfish, and a couple of large snapping turtles (bigger than a dinner plate, smaller than a garbage can cover). At the road side end, we dumped the dirt from the building project.

The radiant heat coils are in place and ready to be covered with concrete. The first slight problem came to light -- the base for the pad is too high in the middle and not easily lowered. This will necessitate a tapered threshold in the doorway connecting the new studio to the exisiting building.

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