Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A day in waiting

The extra blocks were picked up today. The building inspector has looked over the foundation, and the electrical contractor is scheduled for a visit.
The next project phase will be the preparation of the pad for radiant heating coils and the concrete slab.

Other parts of our property are scheduled for spring renewal. The ponds off the deck await the men from Clearly Aquatics, who will drain, clean and restart the pump for the waterfall between the upper and lower ponds. Suki is returning from her daily job of chasing frogs.
Our water lilly pond will also be regenerated. The plants are lifted from the pots in the bottom of the pond, fertilized, separated, and returned. The protective pergola with a 50% sun screen is reflected in the water.

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Melody Johnson said...

I am now HOOKED!!! How I envy the koi pond and all that you are building. Intestinal fortitude to you both! I continue to watch in happy anticipation.