Monday, April 23, 2007

Pouring the concrete

The north wall is opened at the web to receive the reinforcing concrete. Steel rods are placed on the interior block prior to the pouring.

Final layer of insulation (pink again) is placed around the perimeter. Tad reports the color pink is proprietory to Dow Chemical, the manufacturer.

The concrete for the wall arrives through the sleeve on the cement truck conveyer -- a lot easier than the old wheelbarrow method!

The floor is spread with Tad lifting the steel mesh and radiant tubing to insure complete coverage. The wooden box at the base of the sleeve contains the electric floor plugs installed prior to pouring.

The portable, vibrating, large float does the initial smoothing with just a few quick passes. This handy machine is another advance that makes the whole process more efficient.

The edging is still managed by hand on bended knee. The human touch and good eye are still hallmarks of craftmanship!

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Melody Johnson said...

The design of your studio is sensational. I wanna move in! I can't believe how quickly construction is moving along. Will it be big enough to hold classes?