Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Busy Saturday

A beautiful warm day found Fella, our 30 year-old gelding, enjoying the sun. As a senior citizen, he often lies down on the small rise in his pasture.

Our friend and art quilter, Pat Berardi, works on the long-arm quilting machine. She is completing work on a couple of creations to be entered in Perinton Quilt Club show.

The men from Clearly Aquatics have drained the cobblestone pond off our deck and are cleaning the rocks, prior to replacing the resident fish and frogs and refilling with fresh water.

Our water lilly plants in another pond are being fertilized by Dave Young from Clearly Aquatics. They will bloom profusely in the warm months ahead.
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Melody Johnson said...

Ooh I didn't realize that pools like that have to been cleaned out. I want one so bad, but fear the expense of the cleanout. Hmm. Should I reconsider?