Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One day til framing...

Tad installed the joists around the perimeter of the new addition today preparatory to the timber framers arrival... (Due tomorrow despite still waiting for a part?) They are the "rock stars" of New Energy Works, and it will be fun to watch them work. Maybe they will show up in a limo...!

Another one of our gardens:
This is a maze composed of 250 arborvitae (now 12' tall) with blooming forsythia and picket fence marking the entrances. The circular form is borrowed from a 15th century Italian berry patch. Come visit us and try to find your way to the middle!

The burned-down double tear-drop shaped perennial display:
Each Spring we flame away last year's growth. In a few weeks time, the area will be covered by a variety of grasses of varying height, texture, and color. Nature's regenerative powers never cease to amaze...!

Our 40-year old raspberry plants await new growth. They reliably produce annually and are used gratefully on breakfast cereal and in a number of tasty desserts!

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