Friday, October 19, 2007

Window Treatments

We ordered wooden blinds from and installed by a store here in Palmyra. We always try to support local business where possible. The windows are a Fruitwood color which does a good job of matching the surrounding woodwork.

The double doors presented a more formidable challenge. Parallel hanging slats on a track that pulls open and closed proved to be the proper remedy.

The window blinds allow many varieties of settings to range from completely open status to totally closed, or any position in between. We had considered a pergola on the exterior to shield from the autumn and winter sun as it traverses the lower angles of the southern sky.

The main door covering pulled and folded to the completely open position. We decided the interior treatment for the windows was a better option to the lattice work or awnings on the outside. We like the clean, linear look of the exterior and the way it matches the original house in form.

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