Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall Colors

Late afternoon finds the horses munching away in their pasture. The recent rain has helped promote some grass growth, and Fella and Crystal take advantage of the new feed.

The bush maple in the gazebo garden bursts into color. This plant is a profuse grower, and it is time to do some serious pruning prior to next year's growth. We will miss this fall display until the current shape returns in a few years.

The two-tiered pond off the deck is about ready for winter. We'll turn off the pump and let the upper pond freeze. A spot in the lower pond will be kept open with a stock tank heater to let the fish breathe in the requisite oxygen for survival.

The unusual colors and textures of the peeling bark of the river birch add interest all year. This tree has become popular as it survives the insects that bedevil its cousin, the white birch. We have this 20-year old version and have seen no signs of damage on trunk, limbs or leaves.
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