Friday, October 12, 2007

Closing the Cottage - III

With the arrival of cold weather, Inspector Suki prepares for winter by shortening her outdoor schedule. She prefers to spend the evenings curled up on a warm lap. A covering to provide a semi-tent is always appreciated.

The Chase Lake cottage property overlooks an island. If you left click on the picture, you can see the outlines of a cottage that was built there several years ago. The inhabitants arrive and leave by boat at the dock on the right side of the picture. All the property in the area, including the lake, was owned by one man who sold off building lots over the years. An underwater cable delivers electricity to the island. We have never asked about the septic system.

All this property lies just within the western boundaries of the Adirondack State Park. The extended drought of this year has limited the intensity of fall colors and will lead to a ranking of slightly below average conditions for the 2007 "leaf peepers." The display, such as it is, nears peak and baring heavy rain or strong winds will last another week or so. A lot of the trees shed their leaves early due to stressful growing conditions. But the wonderful rhythms of Mother Nature promise better futures. Wait until next year!

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