Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall CleanUp

On our little farm there are never-ending seasonal rhythms that repeat each year. Here Dr. Scoville, our long-time vet, uses a power rasp and lighted head gear to file down the sharp points on the horse's teeth. In this elaborate procedure the horse is tranquilized, haltered and tethered. Both horses recovered in good fashion, and we agree with Dr. Scoville's secretary, who told us that the owners mind the process more than the horses.

The garden harvest continues. Surely these peppers, raspberries, and statice flowers must be near the end of the growing season. We'll see....

In these pictures Marcia cleans up the fall debris in the deck pond. First she removes and cleans the sleeve covering the pump which controls the waterfall. The pump was also cleaned.

Marcia skims the leaves floating on the surface of the pond after falling from the overhanging marine locust tree. You can see the legs of the garden chair which has provided a safe haven for our fish to hide from the area blue heron.
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