Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A very dry summer....

We finally got 200 bales of hay delivered for the horses. The farmer who uses our land in exchange for this feed was forced to purchase this load as his own hay planting failed to produce a crop due to the dry summer.

As further evidence of our lack of moisture, our holding pond has completely dried up for the first time in history. Built originally for fire protection, we fortunately now have a water line across the road. It will take a couple of wet winters for the rain runoff and the melted snow to fill this 7-foot deep "hole."

Tad returned to replace the bottom board on the wall behind him. It had rotted from being covered with dirt from a raised flower bed. We won't repeat the mistake again.

Tad continues to cross off items on the "punch list" and was off to dog obedience school with his new family member.

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