Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Closing - Part II

Marcia's Dad remodeled the cottage in the 80's and added a new addition. Pictured is the master bedroom wich features more wide-board pine. It is a large room with plenty of space for a king-sized bed and a walk-in closet.

The lakeside as seen from the dock. There is a nice cove here with a sandy bottom only a foot or so below the surface. As there are no power boats allowed on the lake, waves are not a problem and the area makes a good wading spot for both kids and adults.

The winding driveway to the cottage from the north road. All transit areas are owned by the homeowners and are not open to public use. Marcia is pulling in with the Jeep, which was picked up at the nearby private airport where her brother parks his plane. The grounds are always covered in pine needles as 40-foot red and white pines populate all the property.

Marcia climbs into the "Rubicon" as we prepare to head home. We ran into serious thunderstorms driving across the Tug Hill plateau and can see why they routinely get four-foot snowfalls in winter as the elevation squeezes out the moisture from the air's trip across Lake Ontario. Marcia indicated that the Jeep, with its extra wide tires, wanted to hydroplane through the puddles and streams of water on the road. She had lots of fun!!

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