Sunday, October 7, 2007

Marie's visit

We had a visit from Marcia's step-mother and her progeny. Marie is seated next to her great-grandaughter, Krystle. Behind Marie is her daugher, Vicky, and grandaughter, Shawn.

Bill gives the girls a tour of the gardens. They are passing by the blue rug juniper in a two-tiered zen garden, with the perennial grass garden serving as the background.

Shawn and her daughter, Krystle, emerge from the path along the gazebo garden. The light colored sand represents a meandering stream in this form of zen design.

The group is discussing that the expanse of blue rug juniper extends from only two base plants. The "carpet" is full and still growing. The girls are from the Batavia/Elba area of Western New York and enjoy gardening.
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