Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Finishing Day

Tad prepares the styrofoam to insulate the entrance to the crawl space in the new bathroom. He had hoped to deliver the replacement screen door today too, but it had not reached the vendor as scheduled. So he'll have to make a return trip to install the new screen.

The opening to the "attic" above the bathroom in the studio. The opening was required by building codes as the space is a couple of inches taller than the minimum. We all agree that the access to the space was easily available with the panel in case of fire, but such are the rules.....

Tad replaced a couple of light fixtures in the laundry room on the main floor. He also repaired the door chime function from the front door on the first floor to the new studio. In addition he added a new roller to the track on one of the closet doors in the new studio. Our list of remaining jobs on the punch list is down to very few.

Beth Brandkamp and Marcia had a sewing day with the main goal being to get started on projects they had on their schedules. They are both happy to report that it was a successful day! Here's Beth with her beginning design.
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