Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Visiting Fairport

Brother Ken, his wife Patty, and Bill on the canal path outside of Joey B's Restaurant. We took a walk after a full meal, as we were headed home for desert.
An older Fairport Main Street building that Ken remembers visiting many years ago as a child growing up in Macedon Center. It was an ice cream shop favored by his Dad, and still serves the same purpose. One of the charms of small towns is that some things never change.

New York State has earmarked incentives for communities to upgrade the canal-side properties. Fairport has done some of the most extensive renovations and has docking facilities and many places to "soak" up tourist dollars. The fourth boat on the right is based in Miami Beach and has come up the inland waterway to Western New York.

The other side of the canal features a pavilion with live music, an antique car show, more restaurants, and restored old buildings with the one on the right featuring a wonderful brick chimney. Even Palmyra, our town on the canal, has added a small marina and restaurant just off Main Street.

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