Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jennifer's Visit

In the middle of our shopping trip to Penn Yan, we stopped for lunch (Bill's favorite part of the trip) at the Essenhaus. This is a Mennonite-themed restaurant north of the village and features many choices of hearty, filling food with good desserts (we avoided this temptation!).
Uncle Bill and Jennifer pause after lunch before moving on to the next store. Jen is a high school counselor in Virginia and deals with students with special needs as her case load. Her parents, Bill's brother Jim and wife Doreen, live in Geneseo.

The entrance to Weaver's Country Store leads into a large two-story addition to their home, which is a gift shop filled with local crafts, baked goods, and quilts and quilting supplies. It is a family-owned and run business (as are all the stores and services in the area) and Mrs. Weaver and one of her several daughters were on duty.

Jen is a beginning quilter, and she and Aunt Marcia consult on appropriate selections for her next projects. She is preparing for three classes at Mid-Appalachian Quilters workshops with several ideas in mind.

She "shopped" at Marcia's studio last night for molas and coordinating fabrics for one of the projects, and finished acquiring fabrics for the other two projects today.

We always enjoy her visits!!
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